Waterglobe Productions



When digital film technology became available in 1998, I took up the challenge and started making underwater films with DV-cameras. This resulted in two documentaries, one information film and numerous pieces for Television news shows and nature shows. The documentaries were awarded at film festivals in Spain, Italy, Russia and France.

Restarting the film business in 2012, I now use Nikon DSLR cameras, small versatiler 4K-cameras from Panasonic but also small action cameras like GoPro or cameras provided by clients. Lately, a remote-controlled drone was acquired for aerial filming.


Mentor4Research (co-production with Anna Thorbjörnsson). information films for the Royal Swedish Academy of Enginering (IVA). November 2014.

Alles was war (co-production with Anna Thorbjörnsson). Musicvideo with The Headlines. April 2014.

Bixia (underwater DoP) TV Commercial 2013. Release Autumn 2013.

Deathbed with Christine Owman, Music Video 2013

Awarded as runner up for Best Experimental Project at Action On Film International Film Festival in California 2013.

Cold Water with Cure-a-Phobia, Music Video 2013

Mission: Save the Ocean (underwater DoP) Documentary for EyeworksTV/National Geographic TV) 2013. Release Autumn 2013.

Black Well with Jenny K Lundgren, Art Film 2012 premiered at Malmöfestivalen/Palladium.

Hummerns sexliv (Sexlife of the lobster) Nature short for Swedish Television with Erik Thulin 2004

Underwater life close to the Nuclear Plant Ringhals, Nature short for Swedish Television with Erik Thulin

Konstgjorda rev (Artificial reef), Nature short for Swedish Television                        Nature Film 2003

Vrakdykning (Wreck Diving) Swedish Television SVT documentary 1999

Awarded with Prix Dimitri Rebikoff at Festial Mondial de l’images Sous-Marine, Antibes, 1999.

Awarded with 1st prize at Festivale Internazionale video cinematografica Subacquea, Isola D’Elba, 1999.

Awarded with the Jury’s special prize at Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films, 2000.

Fridykning (Apnea Diving) Swedish Television SVT documentary 1998

Awarded with the Spanish Olympic Committees prize at the International Sport Films Festival in Santander, Spain, 2000.

Dyksäkerhet (Sjösäkerhetsrådet) information film 1998